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Vacancy Update

On our sharing the available jobs, we basically wanted around 2 freelancers. However, we;ve received around 600 Applicants who would want to work at Mighty coders

The shortlisting will begin on 24th/October/ 2022 and the first batch of list will roll on 27th and the last probably by 30th.

Keep in mind we are now recruiting 5 people due to the various applicants we’ve received, most of them are much talented, full stack, so the payment will be issued in the agreement before acceptance. Since we have a belief some might be too qualified for Our start-Up

In reference to that, it was overwhelming how almost all job sharing platforms recognized us and shared our job to increase our applicants. Massive shoutout to Fuzu that created an account for us and provided us with around 40 applicants in the dashboard(screenshots down below)

Keep in mind that however many of you would want to work at Mighty Coders, Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the interviews.

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