Kindergaten School Demo Website

This is a demo website for a kindergatten school with about 5 pages Home, blog, team, contact and so on. 

Its not yet claimed for, Its basically created for a nursery school where parents can see more about the school without actually entering.

Its coded on Html and No CMS is used to design this awesome website

Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 19-22-19 Mighty Kids - Kindergarten

To make a bid or to request a quote, Feel free to contact us on 0704552119 or send us an email at 

Below are some screenshots

We also offer lots of amazing services on top of the website, so kindly check out the website by clicking on the Lauch Project button below, play around with it and if your interested, show us your interest by contacting before its taken.

Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 19-58-21 Mighty Kids - Kindergarten

The Main Target audience for this website could be a nursery school with High end Kids, a starting school that just wants to attain digital prescence however, if you feel interested in it, dont hesitate to contact us for customization issues to fityour needs



Release Date

Aug 2022


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