Why Mighty Coders

Listen to Our target Audience

As a web-agency, our major focus has been on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's).

Most of our regular prices are tailored down to favour SME's simply because they can not afford premium services.


We help Startups compete digitally in the competitive feild.


We boast at giving good value at almost the cheapest price in the market.

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About Us


Mighty Coders Uganda started up as mainly a digital agency supporting Startups that would definitely fall on the verge of liquidation.

This we achieved By helping them in consulting services, advise, financial help till we developed an idea of Providing a big Help like a GOD. Thus Mighty Coders.

We've helped several business achieve online attention and presence through the various affordable yet luxurious services they couldn't afford.

Client Wrote This

" We thought we could never have our products marketed online due to the hefty prices charged by big Firms till we found you guys, Truely your a Gem "